Wonder Woman Movies You Just Wouldn’t

The winner of last week’s poll is… the inimitable Ellen Ripley! That’s right WWAC readers, your final-final girl is she. Ripley blew away the competition, but to be fair, I disqualified Sarah Connor (on the basis of her role shifting through the Terminator series), so it might not have been a clean fight. Recount? Sorry, what’s done is done, and we’re on to the next one.

wonder pants

With Wonder Woman once again turning industry heads (will she get her own live action movie? Another cartoon? Will she show up in Superman vs Batman vs Artistic Integrity?), I thought it was time you all weighed in. What rumoured Wonder Woman movie can you just NOT handle? Which rumours had you dangling from a rope, requesting evac to some other, less infuriating fandom?

This week we’re voting a director off the island (of Themyscira, ba dum dum): which one’s gotta go?

(Side poll: pants or no pants?)

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Megan Purdy

Megan Purdy

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4 thoughts on “Wonder Woman Movies You Just Wouldn’t

  1. Pants. Not that I have a problem with the bathing suit, but because in the modern set up of LA superheroes, a Wonder Woman with pants is going to line up better alongside Nolan’s Batman, Snyder’s Superman, and Black Widow.

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