Month: June 2012

Guest Post: Let’s zap some ladies!

Ashley Clayson blogs about comics at Blah Blah Witty Comment. She’s contributed to rounds two and three of Women Write About Comics, and today she’s going to make a case for more science-based heroines. It’s worth pointing out that not only is there a dearth of science-based heroines in fiction, real female science heroes tend…

Planet Comic 01, digital comics museum

Round Four: Harassment and the Geek Blogosphere

Anita Sarkeesian’s (Feminist Frequency) Tropes Vs. Women In Video Games Kickstarter was met with some initial excitement and some predictable disdain. Then the harassment campaign hit. After thousands of comments threatening her with death and rape, the defacement of her Wikipedia page, and an attempt to have her pitch video flagged as ‘terrorism’ and removed…

Pitch me: Underrated comics!

This is the master list of responses to Women Write About Comics’ second round, Pitch Me: Underrated Comics. We hope that you will take the time to read all of these posts, to comment, and to take the opportunity to get to know each other, writers and readers all. Why you should read Finder, by…