Still seeking inspiration?

Suffering from writer’s block? Not sure what you can contribute to the carnival? Options, you have them! To get your brain juices flowing, here are two very different response to Women In Refrigerators.

First, a poem.

the value of daughters

by odditycollector

So you would write a story
for me to care about.
I will tell you how.

Draw a man. Use ink. Use words if you have them. Shape him out of clay.
Give him a name, so I may remember him. Tell me he is strong.
Give him a child. Make it a daughter
so I know he is a good man. A man who would stay for a daughter
who would teach and love a daughter
even without a son to bind him.

And keep the daughter young. Old enough to smile for the man you created
(for you created a good man)
but years from learning of opinions
or that she could have one, if it won’t mess your story
the one I care about.
And give the daughter pretty curls
and tell me she has her mother’s eyes
like all good girls do.

Read the rest here.

This video was produced by Feminist Frequency, as part of a six part series for Bitch Media. It’s a great overview of how the Women In Refrigerators trope was identified, and fandom/industry reactions to both the original list, and it’s continued deployment.



Ladies, we can’t wait to see all your different perspectives on Women In Refrigerators, 13 Years Later!

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Megan Purdy

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