Bleating Heart Press is making a zine! We Told You is a 50-page zine about the problematic work and activism of writer, director and producer, Joss Whedon.

When Whedon’s ex-wife Kai Cole wrote about the breakdown of their marriage, dozens of think pieces were published examining his most recent works and the too common trend of famous male feminists revealing themselves as manipulative and insincere. Long running fansite Whedonesque shuttered and hundreds of fans saw their affection for his work die. For many, Cole’s letter came as a shock. But not for all of us.

We Told You will look at the decades of intersectional feminist critique, and just plain disbelieving anger, that has existed alongside the narrative of Joss Whedon, perfect male feminist. Essays will include close examinations of particular works and recurring trends (waifish, emotionally vulnerable heroines; misogynistic nerds as author avatars; the racist underpinnings of Firefly), as well as his legacy as a producer and celebrity male feminist.

We Told You will include original and reprinted essays, comics and illustrations by Claire Napier (Women Write About Comics), Angel Cruz (The Learned Fangirl), Veronique Emma Houxbois (Comicosity), C.P. Hoffman (BookRiot) and more.


We are accepting pitches for essays, comics and original illustration for We Told You So. Essays should be about 1500 words long. Comics and illustration should be in black and white and no more than two pages.

We are aiming for a quick turnaround with this zine, so previously published pieces will be accepted. However, you should be willing to work with Megan Purdy, the zine editor, to update the piece for republication.

To pitch original essays, comics and illustrations you should should include a one sentence summary of of your idea, bullet points of your argument in rough, and a link to your portfolio or past work.

The zine will be sold digitally on Gumroad after our Kickstarter concludes. A print run will be built into the Kickstarter as a stretch goal. All contributors will be paid, starting at $30/page for essays and $50/page for art and comics. Raises for contributors will be our first and most important Kickstarter stretch goal.

Submit a pitch by sending an email to with the subject line Pitch: We Told You.

Important Dates

Pitches: August 29

Kickstarter: September 1st

First Drafts Due: September 12