This week feels strangely anti-climatic to me. Or maybe it’s just that I’m still processing Fantastic Four, and mourning the movie we could have had. In case you haven’t heard, the reviews say that Fantastic Four is unforgivably bad, and while it’s far from a perfect movie, I think those reviews are unduly harsh, and I wrote a long treatise on how the portrayals of Johnny, Sue, and Ben in particular are praiseworthy, and like nothing else I’ve ever seen in a Marvel superhero film before, in a good way.

I’d been looking forward to this movie for so long, I’m honestly not sure what to do with myself. What do I have to look forward to next? There are so many Marvel projects being produced these days it’s difficult for me to keep track, so I’m devoting this week’s Mighty Marvel Monday to catching up with all the upcoming Fox, Marvel Studios, and Netflix projects.


Accompanying the release of Fantastic Four was the release of the NSFW Deadpool trailer, which is set to premiere in February 2016. I’m not really a fan of Deadpool, or Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool (I always pictured someone less attractive and more tortured) but the trailer proves that I’m not really the target demographic, so that doesn’t really matter.

I am, however, looking forward to X-Men: Apocalypse, set to be released in May 2016, and which is still filming. Bryan Singer recently teased some pics from set on Instagram, and I have to admit that I still smile every time I see Storm’s badass mohawk.

#Storm watches over #1983 #Cairo via the magic of real time #simulcam @alexandrashipppp

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And after that, of course, will be Gambit, now that Channing Tatum has (despite rumors) firmly settled his contract. They’ve even started casting for Remy’s childhood love interest, Bella Donna Boudreaux. I saw Magic Mike XXL a couple weeks ago, and have found Channing to be incredibly charming, but unless Gambit’s mutant power now includes him doing the Pony, I’m not sure I’m interested.

Fox also, apparently, wants to get back into the live-action TV game with some kind of X-Men tv show. But the likelihood of that happening seems a longshot at best, especially considering the litigious history between Marvel, Fox, and mutants due to Mutant X, which the article details.

Marvel Studios

Captain America: Civil War has a release date about two weeks prior to that of X-Men: Apocalypse of May 6th, and this week, TechnoBuffalo put out a handy synopsis of everything we know so far, and some speculation about what’s to come. It came as something of a shock to realize that the release of Ant-Man was officially the end of Phase 2. Cap 3 will be the first film of Phase 3, followed by Doctor Strange that November. This Digital Spy guide will get you caught up on everything you need to know, and this article about the visual look of the film has fueled rumors that it’s going to be the MCU’s Fantasia, whatever that means.

My current raison d’être is the upcoming season of Agent Carter. This past week Tara Butters and Chris Dingess revealed the inspiration for the season two villain–Madame Masque, and the added inspiration of real life superhero Hedy Lamar. This news, and Hayley Atwell’s commitment to adding diversity has me hopeful.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s third season premieres September 29th, and this recent interview with Chloe Bennet about Skye–now Daisy Johnson–has me excited about more Mack, and also excited about Daisy’s new shorter hair. I’ve long said there are far too many women on TV with the same long haircut, and it makes me so happy to see more women on TV with shorter hair. Last season we got Jemma Simmons (who appears to be keeping her shorter hair if the promo pics are to believed) and this season, we get Daisy.

💇🏻 season 3 here we come #daisyjohnson #AgentsofSHIELD

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Finally, we’ve reached the point where no news is actually news again about John Ridley’s untitled project for ABC, with the biggest reveal from this interview being that we still have no idea what it is, but we may finally know what it isn’t, and, according to rumors, it’s not Ms. Marvel.


A.K.A Jessica Jones has dropped the A.K.A. and is now just Jessica Jones, based on the new logo artwork that came out this past week. But that is secondary to this interview with showrunner Melissa Rosenberg on the feminism of the show, and which also revealed familiar faces from Daredevil will be dropping by, including Rosario Dawson. I personally still have a really difficult time seeing Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones, but I’m hoping she surprises me when the series is released sometime this fall.

After Jessica Jones comes the second season of Daredevil, at some as of yet unknown date in 2016. What is known is that we’re getting Elektra, and the Punisher. This article gives a few more details, and expands on what people have already guessed–that Netflix is going for a superhero team of their own, the Defenders, with Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos saying they plan on having individual series for the four characters building up to a combined season. Please, please, please, let Namor be next.


This mysterious (and adorable) exchanged between Hayley Atwell and the Rock has people wondering, but my guess is that the reigning queen of DubSmash War I saw The Rock lip sync to Taylor Swift on Lip Sync Battle and is already enlisting him for DubSmash War II: the sequel, which now has its own twitter account. And if you haven’t seen the Rock lip syncing to “Shake It Off?” Run. Don’t walk.