• DC PUBWATCH – July 2020 Edition

    DC PUBWATCH – July 2020 Edition0

    Welcome to the July and SDCC@home edition of the DC Pubwatch! This month we bid a fond farewell to the antics of one James Olsen with Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #12 and cover the news that came out of a very different version of San Diego Comic-Con.

  • DC PUBWATCH June 2020 Edition

    DC PUBWATCH June 2020 Edition0

    Hi, friends! June just kinda flew by, didn’t it? But also it seemed to last forever too, right? In the June 2020 DC Pubwatch, we are almost back to a sense of normalcy in a small way with the number of books releasing being similar to pre-quarantine days. The biggest piece of DC news this

  • Superman Smashes the Klan Part 3: Superman Finally Smashes the Klan!

    Superman Smashes the Klan Part 3: Superman Finally Smashes the Klan!0

    Following Superman Smashes the Klan: Part One and Part Two, Part Three delivers on the promise of the series title: Superman, finally, smashes the Klan. With the help of series protagonist Roberta Lee, Superman not only beats up the bad guys but also accepts himself for who he is.

  • DC Pubwatch – February 2020

    DC Pubwatch – February 20200

    OH, BOY. It’s not often that I have industry-shaking news to report in a Pubwatch, but just as I was sitting down to write for February, the biggest news of the industry hit. Dan DiDio is no longer at DC. He joined the company in 2002 as vice-president of editorial, eventually becoming co-publisher with Jim

  • DC PUBWATCH – January 2020

    DC PUBWATCH – January 20200

    Happy New Year! And with the New Year come big changes to several DC titles. Some long runs have concluded, and new eras are starting (and even Doomsday Clock has finally ended!). Without further ado, let’s get into the DC Pubwatch for January 2020. As always, the reviews may contain spoilers.

  • Last Week’s Episode: Congratulations to These Men

    Last Week’s Episode: Congratulations to These Men0

    This week has felt like a thousand years, but it’s my first iteration of this column so that’s exciting! Let’s get into it.