• DC PUBWATCH – September Edition

    DC PUBWATCH – September Edition0

    September was a big month for DC. We had Tom King and Brian Michael Bendis start their runs on the Walmart Giants books. We got announcements of a Martian Manhunter series by Steve Orlando and Riley Rossmo, and a new Freedom Fighters series by Rob Venditti and Eddy Barrows. DC launched their digital service on

  • DC PUBWATCH – August Edition

    DC PUBWATCH – August Edition0

    As most of the big news hit at SDCC last month, there’s little to report in the way of news this month. The biggest piece of news this month was the announcement of a new Batman & the Outsiders series by Bryan Hill, launching in November. I wrote my review of his last issue of

  • Where She Fits: Talking Supergirl with Marc Andreyko

    Where She Fits: Talking Supergirl with Marc Andreyko2

    Supergirl #21 Marc Andreyko (writer), Kevin Maguire (pencils), Sean Parsons (inks), FCO Plascencia (colors), Tom Napolitano (letters), Terry and Rachel Dodson (cover), Amanda Conner and Paul Mounts (variant cover) DC Comics August 8, 2018 When Supergirl went on hiatus back in April, I was very disappointed. Steve Orlando and his collaborators (notably Brian Ching and

  • DC PUBWATCH: May 23 Releases

    DC PUBWATCH: May 23 Releases0

    Last week DC gave us a few endings and the start of the heralded Flash War. A theme this week was DC books referencing the old universe, and by God is that a way to instantly get my attention. It was hard for me to pick a favorite, but I finally settled on The Terrifics.

  • Supergirl: Friend to Those Who Need It Most

    Supergirl: Friend to Those Who Need It Most0

    Supergirl #19 Steve Orlando and Vita Ayala (writers), Jamal Campbell (artist), Carlos M. Mangual (letterer), Jorge Jimenez with Alejandro Sanchez (cover) DC Comics March 14, 2018 Supergirl has been my favorite character in comics for almost as long as I’ve been reading them. She means the world to me, and she is what drives me

  • Rebirth Roundup: Everything From December 13

    Rebirth Roundup: Everything From December 130

    This week sees two legendary artists returning to the characters they cut their teeth on, one of which was a complete surprise. We are also halfway through James Robinson’s Wonder Woman run, thankfully; and near the end of Superwoman, less thankfully. Rebirth Royalty this week goes to the surprising return of my favorite Superman writer