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Helen Jo Chainmail Bikini 2015

Review: Chainmail Bikini

Chainmail Bikini Hazel Newlevant (Editor), Various artists Fall 2015 Chainmail Bikini is an anthology centered on the experiences of women gamers. Video games, tabletop games, card games—they’re all covered in this book, with points of view on how alienating, connecting, frustrating, and wondrous gaming can be. The book was funded with Kickstarter, and includes over 40 artists….

Sara Lautman’s comic Some Notes on Compulsive Hair Pulling, Jezebel.com

Compulsive Reading: Some Notes On How We Read Mental Health

Megan Purdy asks the questions in this round table discussion responding to several comics tackling mental illness, and its resultant behaviours. Sara Lautman’s comic Some Notes on Compulsive Hair Pulling is beautiful and affecting. The comic is about Lautman’s struggle with trichotillomania: how she got her diagnosis; how she deals with it; how she relates,…