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Good morning! It’s been an eventful couple of weeks. Let’s start with the most important: Kate Beaton’s sister is sick, and needs support. She’s struggling with a very aggressive form of cancer, and it’s severe enough that they’re pursuing special clinical trials. Kate provides some further explanation here: I wrote this out, I hope not…

La Borinqueña by Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez www.laborinquena.somosarte.com)

Review: La Borinqueña Short Story for CTRL+ALT Pop-Up Exhibition

La Borinqueña Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez (Writer), Matthew Barbot (Editor), Sabrina Cintron (Penciler), Eric Jimnez (Inks), Juan Fernandez (Colorist), William Rosado and Gustavo Vazquez (Breakdowns), Emilo Lopez (Cover Artist), Sabrina Cintron (Pin-up Artist) Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center November 12, 2016 Previously I spoke with Miranda-Rodriguez about his upcoming comic La Borinqueña set for release December 22nd of…