• Marauders #10: A Queen’s Wrath

    Marauders #10: A Queen’s Wrath0

    It’s been a while since we’ve been here, so a quick recap of Marauders #9 is in order: the X-Men discovered a stowaway riding aboard (inside) of Pyro and dispatched him and a strongly worded warning back to Homines Verendi. Now, Emma Frost, tamping down her pain over Kate’s unsolved murder and continued failed resurrection

  • Marauders #9: The Spy Inside Me

    Marauders #9: The Spy Inside Me0

    Everyone’s attention has been taken up by Kate Pryde’s death, but Marauders #9 hasn’t forgotten the stowaway riding into Krakoa on Pyro’s coattails.

  • Marauders #8: Casualties of Peace

    Marauders #8: Casualties of Peace0

    Since issue #6, Kate Pryde has been afloat in the ocean surrounding Madripoor and I have diligently refused to believe that her death could possibly be real, despite Russell Dauterman’s cover reveal for issue #11. Marauders #8 rips away my hope and tears me apart with the raw emotions of the most powerful mutants unleashing

  • Marauders #7: Hold Your Breath

    Marauders #7: Hold Your Breath0

    The White Queen was noticeably missing from the last issue. In Marauders #7, it’s the Red Queen that’s absent, which is extremely disconcerting since the last time we saw her, she was drowning on the precipice of permanent death.

  • Marauders #6: Black King Takes Red Queen

    Marauders #6: Black King Takes Red Queen0

    The Black King finally makes his move in Marauders #6. It’s no surprise, really. As much as Xavier wants peace between mutants in order to ensure their future, Krakoan society remains a ticking time bomb of far too many mutants who have always had their own agenda. Emma Frost might have agreed to all of this

  • January Marvel Pubwatch

    January Marvel Pubwatch0

    And we’re back! The holidays got the best of me but New Year and New Comics! Let’s get right down into some news and reviews.