• Pull Lists: What Informs The Making of One, Then?

    Pull Lists: What Informs The Making of One, Then?0

    Pull lists! We were talking about them and then I forgot. Did you? You can remind yourself right here: part one (why do they exist and when did you learn about it); part two (do you have a pull list right now). This is parts three and four, where we discuss (and please do join

  • My Local Comic Shop and Me

    My Local Comic Shop and Me0

    Shoreline Comics 419-N Shoreline Village Dr. Long Beach, CA 90802 (562) 435-7827 Local Comics Shops inspire all kinds of feelings in us. Love, loyalty, indifference, fear of the unknown. I was lucky enough when living in London to have the most wonderful LCS in Orbital Comics. Even better, the last months that I lived in

  • FCBD: Strange Adventures Comics and Curiosities0

    • May 2, 2014

    I am a nerd. Loudly and proudly. I am also a huge procrastinator and scatterbrain. Put these two things together, and this is what you get… The Procrastinerdor Presents: Strange Adventures Comics and Curiosities, AKA the Canadian Maritimes’ Comic Mecca Every year I travel from Vancouver to Halifax to visit my parents. And every year

  • FCBD at Challengers Comics + Conversation0

    • May 1, 2014

    Challengers Comics + Conversation is known for its family friendly atmosphere and creator signings year-round, so FCBD is like a normal Saturday for the store in many respects. That is except for the free comics, cosplayers, and non-stop stream of people coming through the door from open to close. Owners Pat Brower and W. Dal Bush

  • FCBD: Page 45

    FCBD: Page 450

    Stephen Holland, Page45, Nottingham Eisner nominated for good reason, Page 45 is a revelation for many of its visitors. Stylish, welcoming, mature — and that’s just the furniture. People travel internationally to visit Page 45, and I don’t blame them. Big name signings, chances taken on independent creators, regular reviews of graphic releases of all genres on

  • FCBD at Proud Lion in Cheltenham

    FCBD at Proud Lion in Cheltenham0

    • April 29, 2014

    Ben Fardon, Proud Lion, Cheltenham Proud Lion is technically my LCS, although I’m not able to visit all that often. I like it a lot, though. UPDATE: new location! I hope to make it down there on Saturday, but if I don’t, I won’t let the three hundred and sixty four Fully Priced Comic Book Days of