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Copyediting: What Even IS That? Four Copyeditors Discuss The Matter

Back in May, Claire—WWAC’s Features and Opinions Editor—and Jasmine—the co-editor of The Psychedelic Journal—had a little roundtable discussion on editing and what it’s all about. This got us—the copyediting team here at WWAC—thinking. Perhaps we should have a little roundtable of our own. “Copyediting?” “What even is that?” “Why do you need a copyeditor?” “Don’t…

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I’m Loving: Mind of a Chef

I am a foodie—un-ironically, unabashedly. I love to cook; I love to eat. Cookbooks are like porn for me. I nerd out on food writing, food history, and cultural analyses of food at the intersections of race, class, and gender. I get irrationally upset over poorly written or edited recipes. I don’t have cable, because…

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The End of The Nib…or is it?

The Nib, which has garnered a reputation as one of the best sites for comics, is no more. Sort of. The past few days have been filled with despair and mourning, and speculation about  its future. Yesterday, The Beat published an article that neatly presented what we knew and when we knew it, as well as…