• BOOM! Pubwatch: Welcome to Fall 2019

    BOOM! Pubwatch: Welcome to Fall 20190

    It’s fall! And you know what that means: Halloween candy, cozy scarves, sweaters, and spooky stories. And BOOM! is off to a great start as two of the featured comics this month are ideal fall reading. The arrival of fall also means New York Comic Con is just around the corner and I’ve highlighted some

  • BOOM! Pubwatch: August 2019

    BOOM! Pubwatch: August 20190

    Summer may be starting to wind down, but judging from their upcoming release schedule BOOM! is just getting started. This month was full of new comic announcements and increased buzz for previously announced series. In the News portion of this Pubwatch I’m sharing a couple of announcements, as well as some updates on Something Is

  • BOOM! Pubwatch: June 2019

    BOOM! Pubwatch: June 20190

    This month BOOM! was busy announcing a number of new comics and there’s a little something for everyone. A little time travel, some murder mystery, and even something for Jim Henson fans. And though it may seem difficult to wait for all these new titles there are some great recommendations in the Featured Comics section

  • BOOM! Bar: Watercolours! Anime Heirs! Girl Stuff!

    BOOM! Bar: Watercolours! Anime Heirs! Girl Stuff!0

    Future-news: David F. Walker and Christopher Mooneyham have been paired on a new Planet of the Apes mini starting in January next year; all about that one mean guy with the big hat. Says Mooneyham, “[General] Ursus, to me, is just an old soldier, with no more wars to fight. He’s lost a lot, and

  • BOOM! Bar: A Light Week, Thank Goodness

    BOOM! Bar: A Light Week, Thank Goodness0

    Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Year One Deluxe Hardcover: It’s pretty good! Solid all in all. A big fat book (500 pages) that will look good on your shelf and not embarrass you if anyone asks to read it. My comments about the series from last week still stand, but if you want to read a

  • BOOM! BAR: PUBWATCH September Week One

    BOOM! BAR: PUBWATCH September Week One0

    It’s September, the start of spooky-season, and it’s time to talk about BOOM!. BOOM! and their sub-pubs, KaBOOM!, BOOM! Box, and Archaia. What are they doing? Let’s take a looksee. As parent-company, BOOM! are pretty good about colour-coordinating the bulk of their weekly title covers. Do they do this on purpose? I’m not really sure.