• James Bond Origin #1 Lacks the Requisite Punch

    James Bond Origin #1 Lacks the Requisite Punch0

    James Bond Origin #1 Jeff Parker (Writer), Bob Q (Artist and Colourist), Simon Bowland (Letterer) Dynamite Entertainment 5 September, 2018 Clydebank, Scotland, World War II: Lt. Commander Ronald Weldon of the British Royal Navy is escorting his pupils to safety as bombs rain over the town. Clydebank makes for an attractive target, what with its

  • Sisco #1: You’re in the Danger Zone

    Sisco #1: You’re in the Danger Zone0

    Sisco #1 Thomas Legrain (artist), Benec (writer), Peng Weng and Studio 9 (colorist) Europe Comics June 2017 In an era when comics are becoming more diverse and the stories told more creative, I find it fascinating how some cling ever tighter to the same stories of the past. With Sisco, I hoped for something new. Instead, I

  • Rosie’s Dynamite Round-up Jan/Feb 2018

    Rosie’s Dynamite Round-up Jan/Feb 20181

    Hello, comic book adventurers! It’s me Rosie, back once again with your regular Dynamite comics roundup. We here at Women Write About Comics are dedicated to unpacking the complex parts of the industry and unwrapping the underwhelming gift that is comics so we can all enjoy/despair about it together! So here we are with another