• Uncannily Licensed X-Men #1 – Enter The Best X-Men Book of All Time

    Uncannily Licensed X-Men #1 – Enter The Best X-Men Book of All Time0

    Hello discerning X-Fans. In my new series (check out Rosie’s previous series, Daddy Issues –Ed.) I’ll be exploring some of the best and strangest licensed X-Men books that don’t fall under the direct market comic book mantle. Join me on this *spooky referential comic book voice* Journey Into Mystery.

  • Kat Tsai: Visible Woman

    Kat Tsai: Visible Woman0

    Her imagery invokes a magic conjured by hushed shades and bright pastels. There is a strong sense of colorful harmony to each one of her illustrations, to each panel of her self-produced comics. The palettes chosen for different themes, times of day, and character design have a symmetry to them that draws the eye into

  • Review: What Parsifal Saw

    Review: What Parsifal Saw0

    What Parsifal Saw Ron Rege Jr. (Writer & Artist) Fantagraphics Books March 2017 Fantagraphics provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. In his previous collected work, Cartoon Utopia, Ron Rege Jr. suggested that readers read the book like a textbook. Not necessarily in sequential order. Looking for bits and pieces