• Comics Are For Everyone, Or So We Say: Goodbye, Comics and Cola

    Comics Are For Everyone, Or So We Say: Goodbye, Comics and Cola0

    For the past five years, Comics and Cola has been a reliable source of information, connection and reflection upon… comics. Very little Cola content. But Zainab Akhtar has had enough of the Islamophobia that’s permeated comics so blazing since #jesuisCharlie, and before and after that, and all through everything. She doesn’t want to be a

  • Game Review: Social Justice Warriors

    Game Review: Social Justice Warriors0

    • March 23, 2015

    Social Justice Warriors Nonadecimal Creative February 27, 2015 PC/Steam

  • Holy Inadvertently Marketing Rape Culture!0

    Marketing can be a tricky thing; I get it. There has been no shortage of ad campaigns, especially those directed primarily toward men, that have represented women in, let’s just say, questionable ways. Unfortunately, despite the fact that comic book readers and fans are—and always have been—comprised of a large portion of women, comic-books and

  • Master Post: Harassment in the Geek Blogosphere1

    • July 10, 2012

    The ongoing harassment of Anita Sarkeesian is getting lots of press and pushback, and that’s wonderful. It was the misogynistic response to her Tropes vs Women In Video Games Kickstarter video, that pushed me to host a carnival on harassment. I was of course hoping for more entries, but I understand why many regular contributors

  • Guest post, by Anon1

    • July 8, 2012

    WWAC is always willing to post carnival submissions and guest posts pseudonymously and anonymously. This powerful post is a contribution to round four, Harassment In the Geek Blogosphere. I wasn’t going to write about harassment in the geek blogophere because I don’t run into a lot of it and I didn’t feel I had much

  • Online Harassment of Women: some links0

    • July 6, 2012

    Round four of the carnival goes live tomorrow. For terminal procrastinators (like me!) I’ve gathered some links to articles and essays about online harassment of women, in hopes that it’ll help you along in your post-crafting. Good luck with your writing/drawing/vlogging!