• Cover Girl: Invisible Kingdom #1

    Cover Girl: Invisible Kingdom #10

    Welcome to Cover Girl. Each month, we gather a team of WWAC contributors to analyze a new and notable comic book cover featuring one or more women. This month, Claire, Louis, Nola, and Wendy discuss Christian Ward’s cover for G. Willow Wilson’s Invisible Kingdom from Dark Horse Comics’ Berger Books.

  • DC PUBWATCH: SDCC and July Edition

    DC PUBWATCH: SDCC and July Edition0

    I spent last weekend in San Diego, attending as many DC-relevant panels as I could to gather information for you, dear readers. I was also invited to attend the DC Press Breakfasts, one of which turned into a cult initiation, but they gave me a snazzy robe, so all hail Tom King!

  • Previously On Comics: Professional Growth

    Previously On Comics: Professional Growth0

    This week in comics, there’s been a lot of growth for comics creators, publications, and several comic series as well. Let’s take a look together!

  • Previously on Comics: RIP Comics Alliance

    Previously on Comics: RIP Comics Alliance1

    Hello all, this is Kayleigh Hearn with the first Previously on Comics for April! I hope you all had a great weekend and no one pranked you with screaming zombie videos or fake Congressional runs. Onward! On March 31 it was abruptly announced that Comics Alliance would be shutting down. Since its founding in 2009,

  • Review: Ms. Marvel #1

    Review: Ms. Marvel #11

  • News & Things: I, Vandalizer

    News & Things: I, Vandalizer0

    • February 7, 2014

    News Kobo Taking Over Sony’s E-Reader Business Once the industry leader, Sony’s e-reader business has been flagging for years. Now they’re giving it, and the PC market, up for greener pastures. Canadian e-reader company Kobo will take over the Sony Reader store. Trust me, you’ll like them. Their transition FAQ is here. Feminism’s Toxic Twitter