• REVIEW: Fence: Rivals Still Misses the Point

    REVIEW: Fence: Rivals Still Misses the Point0

    The GLAAD-nominated series Fence! by C. S. Pacat and Johanna the Mad returns in graphic novel format as Fence: Rivals, collecting four chapters about King’s Row Academy’s practice match against the school that knocked them out of the State Championships last year. This new volume further develops the relationships that were set up earlier in

  • What Fence! Didn’t Learn from Sports Manga

    What Fence! Didn’t Learn from Sports Manga0

    So, Fence!. This limited series about high school fencing, written by CS Pacat, drawn by Johanna the Mad, and published by Boom! Studios is getting a prose novel tie-in by Sarah Rees Brennan in September 2020, bringing new life to a series that ended in November 2018. But why aren’t more critics talking about it?

  • PUBWATCH: BOOM! Studios, August 2018

    PUBWATCH: BOOM! Studios, August 20180

    Hey folks! If you’ve been regularly following this here BOOM! Pubwatch, you might notice things are a bit different, as we’ve secretly replaced your regular host, the fearless Claire “Jack ‘The Joker’ Napier” Napier, with, well, me. Archival footage of Claire leaving the BOOM! Pubwatch: Well, have no fear, because I’ve bowed down in front

  • BOOM! Bar: Licenses, Lettering, and Letting Go

    BOOM! Bar: Licenses, Lettering, and Letting Go0

    BOOM! Bar! Where we talk about the month’s BOOM!, KaBOOM!, BOOM! Box, and Archaia releases, try to spot trends, and think about what BOOM! “is,” as a publisher. Remember last month, when I wondered about how letterers get attached to projects at BOOM! and their substudios? Well, I got some answers. So let’s start with

  • BOOM! Bar: Half-Year Check-In

    BOOM! Bar: Half-Year Check-In0

    If you’ve ever been curious about what BOOM! and their imprints KaBOOM!, BOOM! Box and Archaia put out into the world, this overview should give you a snapshot of their range. Ah, BOOM! Bar readers, when last did we speak? January. Forgive me. In apology, I bring you February through June, all at once. We’ll