• Betty & Veronica #5: A Stunning Conclusion

    Betty & Veronica #5: A Stunning Conclusion0

    Betty & Veronica #5 Kelly Fitzpatrick (colours), Sandra Lanz (artist), Jack Morelli (letters), Jamie Lee Rotante (writer) Archie Comics 8 May, 2019 Betty and Veronica’s newly found friendship has had its ups and downs—mainly due to a lack of communication—but that is all in the past come graduation day. As Betty takes the mic as

  • Captain Britain Reading Diary 8: Twin Tales

    Captain Britain Reading Diary 8: Twin Tales1

    Upon her reemergence as a Captain Britain supporting character, Betsy Braddock retained little of her previous page character. Her blonde though changeable bob was now chest-length purple, worn in a half-up style that resembled a large cottage loaf, or a Portuguese man o’ war. Career-wise she was “still” a model, but no longer a charter

  • Young Justice #1 Review: Great Fun But Where’s Superboy?

    Young Justice #1 Review: Great Fun But Where’s Superboy?0

    Young Justice #1 Brian Michael Bendis (Writer), Patrick Gleason (Artist), Alejandro Sanchez (Colours), DC Lettering (Letters) DC Comics 9 January 2019 Gemworld has, for years, been affected by the tide of events afflicting Earth. But the denizens of the blue marble are unaware of this, blissfully living their lives while Gemworld suffers. The rulers of