• Review: Hawkeye #1 Hits the Bullseye

    Review: Hawkeye #1 Hits the Bullseye0

    Hawkeye #1 Kelly Thompson (s), Leonardo Romero (p), Jordie Bellaire (c), VC’s Joe Sabino (l) Marvel Comics December 14, 2016

  • Vampirella In Design

    Vampirella In Design0

    Vampirella is being rebooted and recostumed again!  Dynamite has announced that they will be rebooting the comic for the second time in recent years, with a new creative team and another new direction. Paul Cornell and Jimmy Broxton (Knight and Squire, Saucer County) will be taking over the book and delivering a Vampirella for a

  • Why I Cosplay: Seeing Myself and Them

    Why I Cosplay: Seeing Myself and Them0

    Costumes were always a source of fun for me. I was one of the kids that looked forward to Hallowe’en more than Christmas… And now I’m one of those adults. As a kid, it was mostly the excitement of the candy run, but I also found enjoyment in becoming characters I loved. Whether it was