• Previously On Comics: Red Flags Aren’t Festive

    Previously On Comics: Red Flags Aren’t Festive0

    Hello Readers! I am the newest rookie at our Previously desk and I’m very excited to be here. But you’re not here for me, you’re here for a recap of what went on last week so let’s get down to it. Vault Comics Hires Rebecca “Tay” Taylor as Managing Editor, Creates Open Submission portal for

  • Digital Reading and Reading Digitally

    Digital Reading and Reading Digitally0

    You are a digital reader. You’re probably reading this on a smartphone, tablet, or computer screen, but even if you were to read this off of a piece of paper, you’d still be a digital reader, because this essay was digitally mediated: typed into a word processing program before it was uploaded onto the website

  • Previously On Comics: Freedom and Accessibility

    Previously On Comics: Freedom and Accessibility0

    Before we begin: I don’t even need to write about it. Just…look at it. It’s beautiful.

  • Delegates and Sci-Fi Civil Unrest

    Delegates and Sci-Fi Civil Unrest0

    Delegates #1-4 Tina Cesa Ward and Bin Lee (Writers), Sabrina Deigert and Felipe Cunha (Artists), Leigh Walls and Doug Gabark (Colourists) ComiXology February 7, 2018 Delegates is an ongoing series that focuses on issues of what it means to be human. The series, created by Tina Cesa Ward and Bin Lee, focuses on the fictional

  • How Long Is Your Pull List (Do You Have One At All?)

    How Long Is Your Pull List (Do You Have One At All?)2

    The humble pull list–the act of asking one’s comic shop to hold a copy of an unpublished comic for one’s own potential purchase. We began discussing them last week when we asked how our number heard of a pull list, who explained it, and in how much financial detail. This week, question two!

  • Amazon to Acquire comiXology0

    If you’re visiting the comiXology website today, you’ll see a “Message from the CEO” rotating on in the banner. After seven years of business, the message from David Steinberger announces that comiXology will become part of the Amazon family. The message also states that they will retain its identity as an Amazon subsidiary so they can continue