• Of Window Washers and Walkovers: Bella at the Bar

    Of Window Washers and Walkovers: Bella at the Bar0

    Bella at the Bar Jenny McDade & Primrose Cumming (Writers), John Armstrong (Artist) Rebellion July 2018 In 1971, Fleetway began publishing Tammy, a weekly comic for girls. One of its long-running stars was the newly-collected Bella at the Bar. However, what new readers might not realize (and what no one mentions in the collection’s introduction)

  • Corpse Talk: Ground-Breaking Comics

    Corpse Talk: Ground-Breaking Comics0

    Corpse Talk: Ground-Breaking Women Adam and Lisa Murphy Phoenix at David Fickling Books, March 1st 2018 There are children for whom this will rank among the most valuable books of their lives, and it only costs ten pounds (penny change). I appreciate this is an introduction with what’s perhaps offputting grandeur, but I’m afraid I