• Con Diary: Bookmarked Takes On SDCC 2018

    Con Diary: Bookmarked Takes On SDCC 20180

    Hello lovely readers — it’s Paige,  your Bookmarked editor and Dark Horse Pubwatch writer here at WWAC! August marks a full year that I’ve been part of the site, and it’s been a truly joyous experience in my freelance career. One of my most memorable experiences thus far has been the recent opportunity to join

  • How to Host Bookishly

    How to Host Bookishly1

    If you are reading anything on this site, you probably like books. This is a bit of a stretch, I’ll admit, but you may also like people too? Let’s get really wild here: you might even like your home, especially comfy spots like your living room sofa. Personally, I like reading, and people, and even

  • The Beast Tackles the Monster of Climate Change and Big Oil

    The Beast Tackles the Monster of Climate Change and Big Oil1

    The Beast Hugh Goldring (Writer), Nicole Marie Burton (Artist), Dr. Patrick McCurdy (Production Assistance) Ad Astra Comix 2017 Oil culture runs deep within Western society and along with that culture runs certain “millennial” anxieties about climate change, the job market, and the institution of capitalism as a viable economic system. The Beast, a graphic novel

  • Book Beat: The Secret Letters of Harper Lee

    Book Beat: The Secret Letters of Harper Lee0

    • October 26, 2017

    Hello, fellow literature lovers, this is Christa! Welcome to another installment of Book Beat: your source for what’s happening in the bookish world. Intimate Correspondences I want to start this week with something that makes me smile – the new unseen Harper Lee letters. These thirty-eight letters, which she wrote between 2005 and 2009 to

  • IFOA: Around the World with Hideo Furukawa

    IFOA: Around the World with Hideo Furukawa0

    I recently had the honor of reviewing Slow Boat by Hideo Furukawa. It is a fun, remastering of a short story written by Haruki Murakami titled A Slow Boat to China. In Furukawa’s book, as well as the original short story, the main protagonist meets three people who help him understand his place in life.

  • Five Atmospheric Reads for Halloween

    Five Atmospheric Reads for Halloween0

    • October 20, 2017

    I don’t know about you, but as soon as the calendar turns to September 1, I’m just about ready for sweaters, fuzzy socks, and a few spooky stories to pass the evening. With Halloween only a few short weeks away, your bookshelf might be in need of some creepy new additions as the days gets