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Twyla Tharp, The Creative Habit

Creativity for Creativity’s Sake

What inspires our love of comics and other geek creations is the creativity involved: inventing characters, worlds, and stories and visualizing them in unique ways. Sometimes we read them to escape, to feel connected, to feel challenged. Creativity is a comic creator’s job. I envy that. Deliberately cultivating creativity in my life often feels like a luxury…

Virginie Ropars doll

Multifarious: Art Untranslatable

I am sucker for typography and illustration. These illustrations by artist Ellen Frances Sanders depicting untranslatable words combine my favorite things: typography, illustration, and the charming and often frustrating nuance of languages:   While you are at it, take a look at her other work. — Ginnis Aaaaah. So beautiful. Why, why can’t Jodorowsky just sit…

Wired: "Tania Kitchell's "Occupy II: Occupy II are reproductions of alien plant species that have been seen in Arctic regions"

Multifarious: Which Inspires Awe

This photographer: http://www.sashaarutyunova.com/ Absolutely stunning photographs of people, places, things. I follow Sasha Arutyunova on Facebook, Instagram, and her website. In an age of constant BuzzFeed articles telling me which “10 Photographs Will Inspire Awe,” and “25 Pictures That Will Take Your Breath Away,” and so on, it’s nice to look at an artist’s work…