• PUBWATCH: Cracking Open The Vault (Jan/Feb 2018)

    PUBWATCH: Cracking Open The Vault (Jan/Feb 2018)2

    Hello! It’s been a bit since our first Pubwatch for Vault—we had some technical difficulties to iron out. Thankfully we’ve gotten through those, so we should be pretty on top of releases going forward. Because of the delay, this’ll be a super-sized entry, covering both January and February’s releases. We’ve got a lot to cover,

  • Cracking Open The Vault: Yes! Another PUBWATCH!

    Cracking Open The Vault: Yes! Another PUBWATCH!0

    Welcome to the inaugural Vault PUBWATCH! Every month, Corissa Haury and I will be bringing you the latest releases from Vault Comics, plus a bit of commentary on each. We’re almost too late for a November one, but we’re juuuuust squeaking by, and you can expect future posts to be a little more timely going

  • Alien Bounty Hunter

    Alien Bounty Hunter0

    After my experience with Failsafe, I was not inclined to give Vault Comics a fair shake. It seems silly to let my read of one book affect another, but when a book like that sees print, it can cast doubt over the standards of the entire line—I feel the same way about Marvel’s continued employment