• Is 2000 AD Sci-Fi Special More Than a Gimmick?

    Is 2000 AD Sci-Fi Special More Than a Gimmick?0

    You know, I’ve never really read Judge Dredd. I mean, I know of him, I’ve seen both film adaptations, but the one time I even attempted to read the comics, I started with the first of those complete volumes from a few years ago and found it very hard to even get started on. I

  • Women Making Comics: Barbara Nosenzo on Coloring Halo Jones (EXCLUSIVE)1

    2000AD is a very British comics institution. One that, due to their very own post apocalyptic hot dad Judge Dredd, became an international cultural phenomenon. Their alumni include pretty much every male British cartoonist and comics creator, including Alan Moore and Ian Gibson– whose groundbreaking Halo Jones was published at the company in 1984. Though

  • The Dracula File Offers Bite-Sized 1980s Horror

    The Dracula File Offers Bite-Sized 1980s Horror0

    The Dracula File Gerry Finley-Day, Simon Furman and Ken Noble (writers); Eric Bradbury, Geoff Senior and Keith Page (artists) Rebellion: 2000 AD October 16, 2017 (Originally serialized in SCREAM! issues 1-15, 1984 and Holiday Specials 1985-1988) The Dracula File offers cozy horror nostalgia. Both the art style and the text—“Meanwhile, behind the Iron Curtain, a KGB