Series: By the Letters

Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy, both in costume, bump fists. The word "DAP" appears above their fists. From Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (Marvel Entertainment, Columbia Pictures, Sony Pictures Animation, December 2018)

Into the Letter-Verse: Blambot’s Nate Piekos Talks Lettering in Comic Book Movies

In our previous interview, Nate Piekos shared his processes and passions within the world of comic book lettering. He also expressed his disappointment in a recent superhero movie that clearly had not consulted a professional comic book letterer to ensure the authenticity of their film’s comic book aesthetic. The film Piekos was referring to is,…

Collect 'Em All BB Font by Blambot

A Gathering of Letterers

If you’ve been following By the Letters since the series inception early this year, you know that I’ve been spotlighting the fine art of comic book lettering and have featured a few interviews with letterers, including Ariana Maher. We’re a big fan of roundtables at WWAC, so I asked Maher if she’d help me get…