Author: Zoe Tunnell

Section of Fanlee and Spatzle cover for featured image.

REVIEW: Fanlee and Spätzle Make Something Perfect is an Imperfect Delight

Fanlee and Spätzle Make Something Perfect is anything but what its title claims. The collection of webcomics from cartoonist Pseudonym Jones published by Silver Sprocket, is messy, inconsistent, and wildly leaps from comedic to tragic sometimes within the same strip. Thankfully, this is precisely what makes the collected five years of comics special, raw, and…

Selection of Strange Skies' TPB cover.

REVIEW: Strange Skies Over East Berlin’s Terrors are Equally Human and Alien

Is there anything more terrifying than the truth? Strange Skies Over East Berlin, from Jeff Loveness, Lesandro Estherren, Patricio Delpeche, and Steve Wands, asks this question with every dread-inducing page. Following an American spy trapped within a Soviet bunker during the heights of the Cold War, Strange Skies is equal parts chilling extraterrestrial horror and…