Author: Zainabb Hull

Backlight: Harassment Ain’t Cool

Content warning: sexual abuse Well, it’s been another bleak week for sexual harassment in film and TV, but don’t lose all hope! Upcoming projects from diverse creators showcase the originality, creativity, and inclusivity that creators of colour and female creators can bring to our screens. Harry Knowles Accused Of Sexual Assault And Harassment Harry Knowles…

Hotel Salvation still, with family members on a boat, some smiling, others sombre; Hotel Salvation (2017), Red Carpet Moving Pictures, directed by Shabhashish Bhutiani, starring Adil Hussain as Rajiv and Lalit Behl as Daya.

Three Generations of Redemption in Hotel Salvation

Hotel Salvation (Mukti Bhawan) Shubhashish Bhutiani (director), Manas Mittal (editor), David Huwiler, Michael McSweeney (cinematography) Shubhashish Bhutiani and Asad Hussain (writers) Lalit Behl, Adil Hussain, Palomi Ghosh (cast) Released April 7, 2017 (India), August 25, 2017 (UK) Hotel Salvation (Hindi: Mukti Bhawan) is a slow, comic portrayal of grief, death, and letting go. This Indian film by…

Backlight: Your Movie and TV News Roundup

Content warning: sexual abuse This week in film and TV was a bit of a rollercoaster. We’ve seen a flurry of activity around projects led by female creators and creators of colour, but we’ve also had some disheartening news about the state of discrimination and abuse within the industry. Remember to support your favourite creators…