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    Wendy Browne

    Publisher, mother, geek, executive assistant sith, gamer, writer, lazy succubus, blogger, bibliophile. Not necessarily in that order.

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  • Life is Strange — Video Game Publishers are Stranger

    Life is Strange — Video Game Publishers are Stranger0

    • January 16, 2015

    DONTNOD Entertainment‘s Life is Strange is a five-part video game that has been compared to critically acclaimed games such as Gone Home and Heavy Rain, and features similar episodic storytelling as Telltale Games. The game is heavily focused on character and story development and promises “to revolutionise story based choice and consequence games.” “Life is Strange is

  • The Thing About Superman

    The Thing About Superman13

    Last year, I wrote a piece where I selected Captain America over Superman as representative of what it means to be an inspiring, benevolent, super powered person. I based my decision on my feelings about the character of Superman, which tend to lean towards that of Lex Luthor. I appreciate that Superman does wonderful things for the

  • Weekend Review

    Weekend Review0

    • January 10, 2015

    Ghost in the Shell, DC vs Marvel Burlesque, Marco Polo, teenage werewolves, and lots and lots of great reads. Here’s what we talked about at WWAC this past week!

  • Injustice: Gods Among Us: Why’re You Hitting Yourself?

    Injustice: Gods Among Us: Why’re You Hitting Yourself?0

    • January 9, 2015

    There are so many games to play, and so little time. I spend a lot of that time simply staring at my gaming wall of shame, trying to decide what to play next. Sometimes, I’ll cheat by watching the YouTube videos of cinematic scenes, but when I started watching the video for Injustice: Gods Among