Author: Wendy Browne

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WWACTV: When Ardo’s away…

The #WWACTV chat is where the casual TV viewer and the self-professed (or in denial) addict discuss the newest shows and old favourites. Our poor Ardo was feeling under the weather for last night’s #WWACTV chat. With get well wishes for Ardo and cocktail in hand, Megan P. took the reigns. Though she’s not on…

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R/W: The Original Problem Millennial–Y2K

Word Nerdery This subject was suggested to me by Gibson Twist of Pictures of You.  Every century and millennial end comes loaded with hefty dose of end-times paranoia, bacchanalia, and scoffing. Lately there was the fake Mayan doomsday prophecy and only a scant twelve years before that, our first millennial problem child, Y2K itself.

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Conventional Parenting

Planning on taking a wee one along to a convention? As with any outing involving children, good planning is required to ensure fun is had by all involved. We’ve been taking our daughters, aged six and eight, to Toronto’s FanExpo since our eldest was two months shy of bursting from my womb, and we’ve learned…

Pigeons! The First WWAC Sunday Art Gala

It’s Sunday! Lazy, restful, busy or boring; it doesn’t matter, because either way you’re here with us now. In art class! Sundays are art club days, from now on. Wanna join in? We’ve taken a few minutes here and there to each draw a doodle on a single theme. Take a look through, admire our…