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    Stephani Hren

    Stephani Hren is a part time tutor, a full time procrastinator, and a committed almost-author. Her secret talents lie in homemade cookies, equestrian sports, and surprise smackdowns in her one (and only) area of video game expertise: Tetris Attack, a 1995 puzzle game turned sacred art.

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  • Sleuthing, Seducing: Kendal Crawford’s Sorority Sister Sleuths

    Sleuthing, Seducing: Kendal Crawford’s Sorority Sister Sleuths0

    As a devotee of all things visual novel and a self-admitted sucker when it comes to a good mystery, one glance at the plot summary for Sorority Sister Sleuths: London Calling had me salivating over my keyboard. Quester Entertainment’s most recent mystery/romance adventure tells the story of three young women: Veronica, Anna, and Tatyana. After

  • Flipping the Narrator the Bird

    Flipping the Narrator the Bird0

    I’ve always been a master of “selective hearing.” As a child I was precociously opinionated—a trait that’s transformed into adjectives like “headstrong” and “assertive” as I’ve aged—and my innate love for contradiction meant there was a cold chance in hell that I would follow directions without asking at least one question (or spitting out my