Author: Stephani Hren

Narrator: Kevan Brighting Developers: Galactic Cafe, Davey Wreden Designers: William Pugh, Davey Wreden

Flipping the Narrator the Bird

I’ve always been a master of “selective hearing.” As a child I was precociously opinionated—a trait that’s transformed into adjectives like “headstrong” and “assertive” as I’ve aged—and my innate love for contradiction meant there was a cold chance in hell that I would follow directions without asking at least one question (or spitting out my…

Ganon Wind Waker Zelda

Hot Dads of Gaming: Ganon(dorf)

I’ve always liked big guys. Despite being a short lady (or perhaps because of it), some part of me is intrinsically drawn to tall, boorish, weirdly animal-like men. I’ve got a mental vault of inappropriate fantasies about characters like Killer Croc, Obadiah Horn, and zombie Gregor Clegane—fantasies that are probably rooted in my childhood love…