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    Alexis Sergio

    Latnix, Femmy Enby nerd who cares about consumers and progress. I write comics for fun and some times money. You can see me scream at the sky @transcomics on twitter. You can support me on Patreon for more content if you like my stuff https://www.patreon.com/AlexisSergio.

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  • Happy Trans Lesbian of Colour: Why Sera Matters

    Happy Trans Lesbian of Colour: Why Sera Matters1

    It should be easy to imagine how important representation in the media is for trans people. Sadly, in comics, 2016 saw the active removal of a lot of trans representation, and some very poor cash-ins on the community too. One such removal was Sera, a trans woman of color in a lovely, committed relationship with

  • Nintendo Switch Report

    Nintendo Switch Report0

    • January 26, 2017

    Nintendo Switch information was finally released on January 1, 2017. While there was a ton of information dropped, we can expect even more news to be released over the coming days as Nintendo does streams, developers share news, and so on.

  • Chalice Can’t Contain Our Hope: How Alters’ Marketing Alienates

    Chalice Can’t Contain Our Hope: How Alters’ Marketing Alienates2

    Being trans can be lonely, it can be scary, it can be sad. It can be so many things at once, especially in these dark times. For so long we’ve wanted to see trans heroes. People who defy their assigned gender and still manage to fight the big fights. Alters, a book published by an exciting,

  • LGBT Stands For Heroes

    LGBT Stands For Heroes0

    Queer, trans, and queer trans people have been leading the fights of activist movements for many, many years. Queer folks’ contributions are often overlooked, but from LGBT movements, like Stonewall, to modern movements, like Black Lives Matters, trans women of color, in particular, have been on the front line fighting for the advancement of society.