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    Sarah Richardson

    Sarah Richardson is a graphic artist living in Chicago. In addition to illustrating and laying out tabletop RPGs and zines, she burns through comics and books as fast as her eyes can move. Sarah swears a lot on twitter as @scorcha79.

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  • My First Horror Movie: Alien

    My First Horror Movie: Alien3

    Although I enjoy watching Aliens a little bit more than Alien (Vasquez is the best!), Alien made a serious impact on me. I saw it on TV, alone at night. My mom worked as a bartender, so naturally I had stayed up late to watch stuff that would give me nightmares. Although I had seen

  • Scary Times with Dice: 15 Horror Games

    Scary Times with Dice: 15 Horror Games0

    • October 26, 2015

    Halloween is on a Saturday this year, and while some people will don their costumes and head out to the bars, others of us are looking for something a little quieter, but still fun. I’ve reviewed a few creepy games before, but here are fifteen RPGs you can play with friends this Halloween, with options

  • Review: Chainmail Bikini

    Review: Chainmail Bikini0

    Chainmail Bikini Hazel Newlevant (Editor), Various artists Fall 2015 Chainmail Bikini is an anthology centered on the experiences of women gamers. Video games, tabletop games, card games—they’re all covered in this book, with points of view on how alienating, connecting, frustrating, and wondrous gaming can be. The book was funded with Kickstarter, and includes over 40 artists.

  • Queens, Pirates, and Goddesses: The Women of Swords & Sorcery

    Queens, Pirates, and Goddesses: The Women of Swords & Sorcery0

    Although pulp swords and sorcery books feature plenty of scantily clad women on their covers, sometimes there is a different kind of woman inside. She fears neither man nor beast, leads men into battle, captains pirate ships, and lures men to their deaths. Belit and Valeria fought alongside Conan as equals, while Jirel of Joiry