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    Rebecca Henely

    A longtime comics fan and journalism major, Rebecca has previously written for Sequential Tart and weekly newspapers in New Jersey, Delaware and Queens. Her post-Lois Lane life involves pondering the intersection of low and high culture as she reads classic novels and watches RuPaul's Drag Race. Follow her on twitter at @quietprofanity.

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  • It’s Time to Reconsider Fanfiction

    It’s Time to Reconsider Fanfiction4

    For almost four years now, the popular YouTube gamer channel ScrewAttack! has hosted a show titled “Death Battle!” In each episode, two commentators (Ben Singer and Chad James) pick two characters from separate geek properties and glean the extent of their powers and abilities based on a particularly thorough combing of each character’s history and

  • Only the Broad Brushstrokes: A Review of “The Comic Book History of Comics”

    Only the Broad Brushstrokes: A Review of “The Comic Book History of Comics”0

    The Comic Book History of Comics Fred Van Lente (w), Ryan Dunlavey (a) IDW Publishing June 7, 2012 Histories need narratives. As much as we prize objectivity, in presenting the story of “events that happened” the historian needs a storyline to put those events into a context and keep the reader engaged. In The Comic