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    Louis Skye

    A writer at heart with a fondness for well-told stories, Louis Skye is always looking for a way to escape the planet, whether through comic books, films, television, books or video games. She always has an eye out for the subversive and champions diversity in media.

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  • Killers #2: Superninja Against Superninja!

    Killers #2: Superninja Against Superninja!0

    Killers #2 Fernando Dagnino (Artist), B Clay Moore (Writer), Jeff Powell (Letters), José Villarrubia (Colours) Valiant Comics 28 August, 2019 Last we saw of Desdemona Rush, a.k.a. Ninja-G, she was being thrown out a window by Roger Thorpe, a.k.a. Ninja-J. She survives and goes on the hunt for reinforcements, namely Raleigh Brewster, aka Ninja-F, a

  • Kingdom Has Great Production Values, But Little Else

    Kingdom Has Great Production Values, But Little Else0

    Kingdom Shinsuke Sato (director), Tsutomu Kuroiwa, Shinsuke Sato and Yasuhisa Hara (screenplay), Kento Yamazaki, Ryo Yoshizawa, Kanna Hashimoto, Masami Nagasawa, Kanata Hongō and Takao Osawa (cast) Sony Pictures Japan/Funimation Films April 19, 2019 (international)/2020 America In ancient China, two orphaned slaves, Li Xin and Piao, dream of becoming the world’s greatest generals. They train each

  • The American Dream? Review: A Road Trip for the Migrant Soul

    The American Dream? Review: A Road Trip for the Migrant Soul0

    The American Dream?: A Journey on Route 66   Shing Yin Khor (Writer, Artist, and Colours) Zest Books August 6, 2019 In 2016, Shing Yin Khor took a road trip down Route 66, stopping at the most iconic tourist spots. The trip was to find themselves, and also to mull over the meaning of being

  • Strayed #1: A Purrrr-poseful Beginning

    Strayed #1: A Purrrr-poseful Beginning0

    Strayed #1 Juan Doe (Artist and Colours), Carlos Giffoni (Writer), Matt Krotzer (Letters) Dark Horse Comics August 14, 2019 In the very far future, Dr. Kiara Rodriguez creates a kind of universal translator. She mainly uses it to talk to her cat, Lou. But when the military find out about it, Kiara and Lou are