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    Karen K. Burrows

    Karen holds an MA in English, an MPhil in Media and Cultural Studies, and a lot of opinions on The State Of These Sorts Of Things. She's talked #cdntv on Canadaland and been published on pop culture, most recently in Companion Piece, an anthology of essays examining the companions of Doctor Who. Find her on twitter for up-to-date Thoughts and Feelings (caps merited).

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  • Odyssey of the Amazons is a Throwback, All Right

    Odyssey of the Amazons is a Throwback, All Right1

    Odyssey of the Amazons #1 Kevin Grevioux (story and script), Ryan Benjamin (pencils), Richard Friend (inks), Tony Washington (colours), Tony Aviña (colours pp21-24) DC Comics January 2017 It’s great that DC is making an effort to provide more and different Wonder Woman content in her seventy-fifth year. Legends of Wonder Woman and Bombshells, not to

  • Suffering Sappho! The Role of Queer Coding in Wonder Woman

    Suffering Sappho! The Role of Queer Coding in Wonder Woman1

    It’s a good time to be a Wonder Woman fan. Sure, it’s only taken seventy-five years, but the Amazon princess is finally beginning to receive a level of widespread respect equal to the other, mostly male, heroic icons venerated by popular culture. A vast amount of responsibility for this achievement lies with the relaunched Wonder

  • Batwoman and DADT, Karen K. Burrows

    Batwoman and DADT, Karen K. Burrows3

    When Kate Kane admits she’s gay in Detective Comics 859 (November 2009, Greg Rucka / J.H. Williams III), she does a lot more than out herself. Under Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT), the US law that prohibited gays and lesbians from serving openly in the country’s military, she gets herself kicked out of college and