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    Jessica Pryde

    Copyeditor Jess is a book hoarder and equal opportunity geek. She loves to get lost in stories of all kinds. See what she's lost in: @jessisreading

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  • Review: Let Trello Run Your Life

    Review: Let Trello Run Your Life0

    • May 18, 2016

    I have been trying to figure out the best way to keep my life organized for years. I tried Evernote and Remember the Milk when they came out. I have several day planners that were well used until about April. I’ve added endless, never completed items to the little pop-up Tasks section in Gmail. I have

  • Tuskegee Heirs: A Thing I Can Get Behind (And Did)

    Tuskegee Heirs: A Thing I Can Get Behind (And Did)0

    A little over a month ago, WWAC posted an interview with Tuskegee Heirs creators Greg Burnham and Marcus Williams. They hadn’t launched their Kickstarter yet, and the concept was still more concept than product, but the two were more than willing to share about their vision, their goals, and their inspiration. After a nice push on social