Author: Insha Fitzpatrick

The Twilight Zone in the Treehouse of Horror

There is one Simpsons episode out of every season that is the most popular and pulls everyone in every single year. It has gotten more and more cinematic with guest artists such as Dir. Guillermo Del Toro and most recently, Ren and Stimpy animator John Kricfalusi who take over the couch gags to make it their own. What are these wonderful episodes you ask? They are none other than The Simpsons‘ annual Treehouse of Horror episodes. These episodes have been one of the absolute best parts of The Simpsons because of how different they are. Each one of the Treehouse of Horror episodes has a particular theme for the segments and some of the best gags that one could ask for. After watching them for so many years, some parodies have left me more excited than other. Most of these have to do with the parodies of…