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    Diane Darcy

    Diane Darcy is a feminist blogger who is also an art, music, travel, and science enthusiast, but she is mostly known to internet folk as the loudest Helena Wayne/Huntress fan on Tumblr. When she's not gushing over how awesome Helena Wayne is, or having serious discussions about the portrayal of women in comics, Diane also likes to draw and listen to music in her spare time, as well as research topics that interest her greatly. Sometimes, when she has nothing better to do, she'll even analyse trends in comic book sales to predict the futures of her favourite books. When she has the time and money to do so, Diane also likes to travel to countries that capture her fancy and take pictures of the landscape!

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  • Batman75: The Origin of Huntress0

    This Batman75 essay is just a part of what guest poster Diane Darcy could say about the history of the Huntress mantle. Originally planning to take us through a long and troubled history in celebration of Helenas — no matter the surname, a strong-willed, straight-shooting, purple force for justice — this in-depth piece introduces us to the