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    Diana Page

    I am a BA Honours English major in my fifth year situated in Alberta, Canada. My focus for my undergrad is comics, film, Victorian literature, and literary theory. I split my time between comic books, video games, film narratives, and speculative fiction.

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  • Delegates and Sci-Fi Civil Unrest

    Delegates and Sci-Fi Civil Unrest0

    Delegates #1-4 Tina Cesa Ward and Bin Lee (Writers), Sabrina Deigert and Felipe Cunha (Artists), Leigh Walls and Doug Gabark (Colourists) ComiXology February 7, 2018 Delegates is an ongoing series that focuses on issues of what it means to be human. The series, created by Tina Cesa Ward and Bin Lee, focuses on the fictional

  • The Beast Tackles the Monster of Climate Change and Big Oil

    The Beast Tackles the Monster of Climate Change and Big Oil1

    The Beast Hugh Goldring (Writer), Nicole Marie Burton (Artist), Dr. Patrick McCurdy (Production Assistance) Ad Astra Comix 2017 Oil culture runs deep within Western society and along with that culture runs certain “millennial” anxieties about climate change, the job market, and the institution of capitalism as a viable economic system. The Beast, a graphic novel

  • Dead of Winter #3 Brings the Zombie A-Paw-Calypse

    Dead of Winter #3 Brings the Zombie A-Paw-Calypse0

    Dead of Winter #3 Kyle Starks (writer), Gabriel “Gabo” Bautista (illustrator), Crank! (letterer) Oni Press October 2017 When thinking about zombie narratives, images of the CW’s iZombie or Fox’s the Walking Dead come to mind simply because both shows reuse tried and true pieces of zombie narrative. The Zombie Gait, the contagion of the zombie