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    Desiree Rodriguez

    Desiree Rodriguez is currently majoring in Converged Communications. She's a writer, geek girl, and proud queer mestiza woman. Desiree is an entertainment writer for The Tempest, and contributor for Nerds of Color. Desiree has written for The Young Folks, The Feminist Wire, and Geeked Out Nation.

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  • Shang-Chi Won’t Fix Iron Fist’s Racist Origins

    Shang-Chi Won’t Fix Iron Fist’s Racist Origins4

    So here I am again, talking about Iron Fist, only this time with much less righteous fury and much more frustrated reluctance. The first time around, when I reported on the Finn Jones casting news, I received strong opposition on my personal Facebook and Twitter. One commentor told me I needed to “check [my] privilege” because

  • Batman v Superman: Whose Shadow Are You On?

    Batman v Superman: Whose Shadow Are You On?0

    • March 9, 2016

    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice comes out this month, and in between more morose trailers and recent adorably fun skits, I was hit with inspiration. Racking my brain for this month’s Beauty and the Geek, I knew I wanted to make it a good one to make up for the two months column absence. I