Day: February 5, 2015

Shall We Date? Can't Say No | NTT Solmare Corp

Shall We Date?

Once upon a time, our games editor, Al, asked if any of us would like to play and write about Japanese dating games or “otome.” Otome are story-based romance games largely targeted at a female, heterosexual audience. The player role-plays as the ambiguous main female character whose goal is to develop a relationship with one…

The Thursday Book Beat: Censorship, Harper Lee, and FAQs

Author Raziel Reid Criticized For His Book’s Governor General Literary Award Win More than sixteen hundred people, including some authors, are petitioning to have Reid’s debut young adult novel, When Everything Feels like the Movies, stripped of its Governor General Literary Award win for being “vulgar, offensive and graphic”. The book was recently chosen for CBC’s Canada…

Cool Games of February! [GIFs]

Evolve Turtle Rock Studios 2K Interactive Win, PS4, XBO February 10, 2015 I’ve always loved the Left 4 Dead series and have had a blast with it and friends. The added dimension of play with the second one where players could control enemy zombies was something that had me so invested. Now, with the original…