Day: September 24, 2014

stock: Chilling Events in Sorcery as told by Sabrina, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, 1972, Archie Comics,

Staff Picks: 10 Most Important Books

On the heels of the Facebook trend “10 books that have stayed with you in some way,” we decided to generate our own top 10 list because unsurprisingly we are all pretty geeky about books. While the Facebook trend veers between most beloved and those that have stayed with you (overlapping, but not necessarily the same),…

Video still from the Hellblade Development Diary 3

Get Your Game On Wednesday

Developing a female protagonist – Hellblade Development Diary The folks at Ninja Theory are working on their latest game, Hellblade, and creating a development diary videos as they go. In the third installment, the discuss the process of creating a female protagonist. Gauntlet is back! I loved the classic Gauntlet arcade game especially because I…