Day: December 27, 2013

Gal Gadot on Gazongas

It started when Zack Snyder announced that Wonder Woman would be appearing in the sequel to his Man of Steel, the highly polarizing Superman movie from 2013. As eager as fans may be to see their favorite costumed heroes showing up on the big screen, they are seemingly ten times harder to please.  The moaning and…

Headshot: Alan Turing

Alan Turing Pardoned, Pussy Riot Given Amnesty–gee, thanks patriarchy!

On Christmas Eve, Elizabeth Windsor issued a royal pardon, only the fourth of her reign. Long-deceased WW2 codebreaker and international science hero Alan Turing was being pardoned for, well, being gay. For his crimes, Turing was offered a choice between two punishments: chemical castration and imprisonment. He chose castration and suffered greatly because of it. The estrogen…

Cabin Fever

Winter is a magical time. It contains a lot of holidays as we humans try in our human way to stave off the dark and the cold. One of our favorite ways to do that  — at least those of us who have to endure the bitter cold winter weather — is TV! Sadly, due…