Day: December 24, 2013

Screenshot: Gravity

New behind the scenes Gravity featurette!

Yesterday, The Hollywood Reporter shared this new Gravity featurette. It’s the second piece of smart marketing/art (smartketing?) from the team behind the smash hit. The release feels like a sales push and a bit of Oscar campaigning all in one. Usually these featurettes are DVD bonuses, but this one tells us: Gravity is important; Gravity is serious;…

News & Things: Walter Mitty, Sabotaged

News Vin Diesel is Groot! Yup. He’s playing a talking tree in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy. This may be the best thing he’s ever done. Of course, we here at WWAC know how to appreciate his work. Second Sabotage Trailer Is Out Evidently we’re letting Arnold make movies full time again. Wasn’t The Last Stand evidence…

Webcomics Capsules: orphans, fantasy and unicorns

Welcome to another round of webcomics short reviews! This week we have comedies and mysteries, newbies and long-runners. If you like fantasy, this is for you: disney-esque irony, fairy tales or medieval quests, they are all here. Camp Weedonwantcha KATIE RICE UPDATES: MONDAYS AND THURSDAYS GENRE: SURREAL DRAMEDY The premise of Camp Weedonwantcha is a…