• Bleed Them Dry: A Ninja Vampire Tale #1 Is a Sleek and Bloody Debut

    Bleed Them Dry: A Ninja Vampire Tale #1 Is a Sleek and Bloody Debut0

    The year is 3333 and immortals walk among us — except for the six that have been found dead, confirming that there is a serial killer in our midst. Up until then, vampires and humans have coexisted amicably. Now Detective Harper Halloway and her partner, Atticus Black, must solve the case of the vampire slayer

  • Vault Pubwatch Light: June 2020

    Vault Pubwatch Light: June 20200

    We’re slowly starting to see things back on the shelves at our local comic stores, but things are still a little light. While Vault waits for the vaults to open, the company isn’t sitting idle on the more pressing matters affecting our world right now:

  • Vault Pubwatch: May 2020

    Vault Pubwatch: May 20200

    We’re closing in on a return to comics distribution, so, while there hasn’t been much new stuff to read of late, there are still lots of cool things on the horizon to look forward to, as well as a few bonus items to pick up along the way. Last month, Vault introduced the VaultColorUp Coloring

  • The #VaultColorUp Colouring Book Is a Good Way to Kill Some Time

    The #VaultColorUp Colouring Book Is a Good Way to Kill Some Time0

    Not a company to sit idle, Vault Comics introduces the Vault Color Up! coloring book to help pass the time during quarantine and social distancing. Available for free download, the book features 22 pages from their diverse library of science fiction, fantasy, and horror comics.

  • Vault Comics Pubwatch: The Inaugural #VaultVanguardCon Begins

    Vault Comics Pubwatch: The Inaugural #VaultVanguardCon Begins0

    COVID-19 lockdown protocols are hitting all of us hard. Vault Comics was one of the publishers that announced cancellations well ahead of Emerald City Comic Con’s ultimate cancellation due to COVID-19, but they teased plans for a virtual “Vault Vanguard” offering. Now we know what that teasing is all about with the launch of Vault

  • Vault Comics Pubwatch: February

    Vault Comics Pubwatch: February0

    Welcome to the new year with Vault. January started off too slow to warrant a Vault Comics Pubwatch, but that doesn’t mean the publisher hasn’t been busy. Here’s a handful of what they’ve been up to this winter.