• Vault Comics Pubwatch: The Inaugural #VaultVanguardCon Begins

    Vault Comics Pubwatch: The Inaugural #VaultVanguardCon Begins0

    COVID-19 lockdown protocols are hitting all of us hard. Vault Comics was one of the publishers that announced cancellations well ahead of Emerald City Comic Con’s ultimate cancellation due to COVID-19, but they teased plans for a virtual “Vault Vanguard” offering. Now we know what that teasing is all about with the launch of Vault

  • Vault Comics Pubwatch: February

    Vault Comics Pubwatch: February0

    Welcome to the new year with Vault. January started off too slow to warrant a Vault Comics Pubwatch, but that doesn’t mean the publisher hasn’t been busy. Here’s a handful of what they’ve been up to this winter.

  • Vault Comics Pubwatch: Happy Holidays

    Vault Comics Pubwatch: Happy Holidays0

    This month’s Vault Comics Pubwatch takes us into the holidays with a great gift idea that exemplifies the spirit of giving through Vault’s Pay-What-You-Want non-profit fundraiser sale. Until December 31, readers can check out several titles in Vault’s digital library for whatever price they want to pay, with 50% of the digital sales donated to

  • Previously on Comics: Season’s Gratings

    Previously on Comics: Season’s Gratings0

    Hello again, dear reader. Once a month it’s my turn to conceptualize all the things that happened in the past week and think about what, of everything, is too important to leave out, and how best to try to make sure it doesn’t get overlooked. Some weeks I manage that better than other weeks. Some

  • Vault Comics Pubwatch: November

    Vault Comics Pubwatch: November0

    This month’s Vault Comics Pubwatch is full of good stuff because Vault has been very, very busy.  At the beginning of the month, they spread the good word about their science fiction and fantasy comics across the sea, expanding their comic convention trail to include Thought Bubble Comic Art Festival 2019 in Harrogate, England.

  • Black Stars Above #1 Lures You Into Its Inky Abyss

    Black Stars Above #1 Lures You Into Its Inky Abyss0

    Black Stars Above #1 Jenna Cha (artist), Tim Daniel (designer), Lonnie Nadler (writer), Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou (letterer), Brad Simpson (colourist) Vault Comics November 13, 2019 Black Stars Above #1 opens with a bird’s-eye view of a desolate, snow-covered clearing, slowly closing in to the surrounding forest and a pack of animals moving through it. A man comes into