• Vault Pubwatch: October

    Vault Pubwatch: October0

    What’s going on in the Vault this month? As always, they seem to be busy with several different projects. Though they haven’t released too many comics since my last Pubwatch, they still have enough on the shelf to keep readers’ attention.

  • Vault Comics Pubwatch: September

    Vault Comics Pubwatch: September0

    Vault Comics continues to come up with innovative ideas to show the industry who they are and that they are here to stay. The Missoula-based publisher is featured in a big write up in the local paper, and have lots going on in the coming months.

  • The Necromancer’s Map #1 Takes a Wayward Path

    The Necromancer’s Map #1 Takes a Wayward Path0

    The Necromancer’s Map #1 AndWorld Design (letterer), Sam Beck (artist), Andrea Fort (writer), Michael Christoper Heron (writer), Ellie Wright (colourist) Vault Comics 28 August 2019 Songs for the Dead was a four-issue 2018 mini-series that followed Bethany, a necromancer navigating a world that distrusts those who can raise the dead. Along the way, she meets

  • Plotting A Course With The Necromancer’s Map

    Plotting A Course With The Necromancer’s Map0

    Songs for the Dead introduced us to Bethany, a young minstrel and necromancer who tries to use her dark powers to bring light to the world. Followed by cute, undead animals and accompanied by a warrior who makes more dead bodies than Bethany could ever think to raise, their story now continues in The Necromancer’s

  • Vault Comics Pubwatch @ SDCC

    Vault Comics Pubwatch @ SDCC0

    Vault Comics started the month off with a celebration of firsts, offering thirteen free comics in the spirit of the July 4th holiday. Download the first issues of Alien Bounty Hunter, Deep Roots, Failsafe, Fearscape, Fissure, Friendo, Heathen, Maxwell’s Demons, Songs for the Dead, Submerged, Vagrant Queen, Wasted Space, and Zojaqan to get a taste

  • Sera and the Royal Stars #1: It’s Complicated

    Sera and the Royal Stars #1: It’s Complicated0

    Sera and the Royal Stars #1 Raúl Angulo (colorist), Jim Campbell (letterer), Audrey Mok (artist), Jon Tsuei (writer) Vault Comics July 17, 2019 Sera and the Royal Stars gives me super complicated feelings! I’m not usually so bombastic when I start a review, but it does! It’s the story of a princess’ quest in ancient Parsa