• Scholastic Graphix Talent Search

    Scholastic Graphix Talent Search2

    In 2005, Scholastic launched Graphix with the publication of the full-color edition of BONE #1: Out from Boneville. Graphix is dedicated to publishing engaging, age-appropriate graphic novels for children and teens. Supported by librarians, teachers, and, most important, kids, Graphix titles have become bestsellers around the globe and continue to receive awards and critical acclaim,

  • Warriors: Everybody Wants to Be a Cat

    Warriors: Everybody Wants to Be a Cat0

    On a normal day, there are three cats in my house causing trouble in their own unique ways, but since my 10-year old discovered Erin Hunter’s Warrior series, I sometimes have five to six felines to care for. Sometimes more. My eldest becomes Cinderleaf, a medicine cat, her friend is Lionpaw, an apprentice training to