• Beautiful Canvas: A Fever Dream on Page

    Beautiful Canvas: A Fever Dream on Page0

    Beautiful Canvas Volume 1 Ryan K Lindsay (Writer), Sami Kivela (Artist), Triona Farrell (Colours), Ryan Ferrier (Letters) Black Mask Studios 28 February, 2018 From the co-creator of the brilliant fantasy Viking tale Eternal, Ryan K Lindsay, comes the story of an assassin and the target she saves. But, that is putting it mildly. The actual

  • Abbott #1: Know Her Name

    Abbott #1: Know Her Name1

    Abbott #1 Saladin Ahmed (Writer), Sami Kivela (Artist) and Taj Tenfold (Cover Artist) Boom! Studios January 24, 2018 I’m a fan of the Lois Lane type (and the character who inspired it): a woman determined to get to the truth, do exceptionally well at her job, and knows she’s good at what she does. So saying that