• Steven Universe: Art & Origins …and Racism

    Steven Universe: Art & Origins …and Racism0

    • July 18, 2017

    Over the weekend of July 15-16, Twitter came alive with more concerns about the Steven Universe team’s racial sensitivity/awareness. The show has already encountered critique from the viewership and blogosphere over previous instances in the show’s history where racial issues were not handled as well as they could have been: The fact that the diverse

  • Why You Should Start Watching Steven Universe NOW

    Why You Should Start Watching Steven Universe NOW1

    Three years ago, Cartoon Network introduced a show called Steven Universe. I recall my first impression from the commercials as being—well, not impressed. “It’s another show centering another cis male white character,” I sighed to myself. “Nobody ever wants to try anything new or groundbreaking.” But then I heard the show was by a woman

  • Frontier #14: Rebecca Sugar

    Frontier #14: Rebecca Sugar0

    Frontier #14: Rebecca Sugar Rebecca Sugar Youth In Decline December 2016 The cover of Frontier #14 is not misleading. This is, in part, a comic about progress, corrections, revisiting, and reworking past ideas. The layers of pencil, corrective tape, and marker are a motif, the vehicle through which Sugar makes her point. After the front

  • The Beauty of Questions in Rebecca Sugar’s The Answer

    The Beauty of Questions in Rebecca Sugar’s The Answer0

    The Answer Rebecca Sugar (writer), Elle Michalka (artist), and Tiffany Ford (artist) Cartoon Network Books The Answer is a picture book version of the Steven Universe episode of the same name, in which Garnet tells Steven how Ruby and Sapphire first met. Unlike the episode “The Answer,” which kicks off with Garnet waking Steven on his